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Things to Do: Luxembourg

Before visiting Luxembourg most, if not all, of my friends told me that there is absolutely nothing to do there. I thought that could'nt be entirely true so I decided to see for myself. I had visited all of Belgium's neighboring countries but this one and with it only being 3 hours away by bus, its a perfect day trip. It was quite chilly that day but I discovered that it's a beautiful and cozy city with great sites and local eats.

Things to do Luxembourg Blog Travel Restaurants


Too often as we walk around we keep our focus level or down. I recommend looking up and out as you stroll through Luxembourg. There are tons of beautiful buildings that are architecturally interesting inside and out. One of my favorite things to do while traveling around Europe is checking out the churches in every city. The St. Alphonse Church located in the center of the city is a beautiful church that is free to visit and open to the public.

There's an interesting yet not overwhelming mixture of contemporary and historical buildings. It's very clear that the city maintains an intention to preserve their history and culture through its architecture as new businesses move into the city.

Natural Spaces and Parks

Despite all the buildings and construction there was a vast amount of natural spaces and parks too. The parks are spacious, clean, green and full of space to hang out, read and take a break. It was quite cold when I visited , but I imagine that the parks are even more stunning and full of energy on a warm summer's day. Be sure to walk around the city as much as you can to really take in this balance between man and nature.

Local Eats

Things to Do Luxembourg Restaurants Cafe Konrad Cafe Blog Travel

I believe that local spots in cities give you a better idea about the vibe of a particular city. Konrad cafe is really comfortable and spacious with plenty of seating on the main level and in the basement. They had a vegan meal option as well as alternative milks for their warm beverages. I tried one of their vegan hot chocolates with oat milk which was a bit pricy (4.90€) for a small glass but the ambiance really made up for it. I recommend checking it out after spending some time checking out the city.

The Flower Kitchen is a highly recommended vegan restaurant (according to google reviews) with an awesome vibe and employees. I arrived just 15 minutes before closing and it was just enough time to try their vegan chocolate cake and strike up conversation with the server. I honestly appreciated the conversation more than the dessert as it was a bit dry, but I'd definitely go back and try their food though especially considering their great service. The restaurant is located south of the city center on the way to Luxembourg's central station and close to other shops and stores.

This beauty you see below is from Kimpur - The Happy Potato and its full of all types of amazing goodness. I came across this cute and filling restaurant as I was making my way across the city. They offer warm potatoes with a many fillings as you want with options for vegans, vegetarians and meat lovers for only 8.50€. The servers are so nice and each speak at least 3 or 4 languages, notably, English, French, and German and there is indoor and outdoor seating.

Things to Do Luxembourg Kimpur -The Happy Potato Blog Travel


Originally built for monks, Pfaffenthal is an old city located in the valley next to the city center and can be easily viewed from a walkway that overlooks the old city. This picturesque view (below) is the perfect place to really see the old parts of Luxembourg.

Things to Do Luxembourg Nature View Pfaffenthal Blog Travel

As you make your way down the elevator located right off the walkway, you find yourself wandering around a quiet city with a few cafes here and there and the old remains of a fort built to protect the city from outsiders. I even came across a building with a short video documentary about the history of Pfaffenthal. "Pfaffen" meaning clergyman (referring to the monks that lived there) and "thal" meaning valley in German.


Things to Do Luxembourg Markets Blog Travel

And lastly I ran into this open air market in Place Guillaume II- Luxembourg. The market had hot food, fresh fruits & veggies, food trucks, flower shops, a bakery, and more and there were other cafes, restaurants and a tourist center located right off the square. The chill vibe of the market truly summed up my experience in Luxembourg and I'd recommend checking traveling to Luxembourg for anyone looking for a peaceful one day getaway.

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