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Updated: Oct 6, 2018

The morning is one of the most important piece's of our day. It jumpstarts how we fell about the world and ourselves, thus dictating our actions and perception of self for the rest of the day. Below are a few morning practices that start my day with an highly positive frequency.

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A Morning Practice is a routine that keeps you centered and in touch with your inner light. Often the activities will provide a larger view of your life and purpose that keeps anxiety and fear away, allowing for abundance and possibility to flow through your day.

"Allow[...] abundance & possibility to flow...."

Wake up With Empowerment

I recommend listening the first thing you hear in the morning to be words of empowerment and positivity. Before your mind can even conceive thoughts that don't serve you try following and actively listening to youtube channels such Infinite Waters (Diving Deep), Elevation Church or Mindvalley.

  • Infinite Waters by Ralph Smart inspires millions to be their greatest version through a complete understanding of the spiritual laws, overcoming the mind, and releasing one's fears to become the person we're meant to be, also known as our greatest version.

  • Elevation Church is a non-denominational Christian church in North Carolina led by Pastor Steven Furtick. His messages are heard and shared worldwide due to his authenticity, high energy and profound and relatable interpretation of messages in the Bible.

  • Mindvalley is an organization based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, that specializes in self-improvement courses, materials, and events to increase drive, inner strength, and purpose of each individual. As a result, each person contributes to the awakening of humanity and pushing our potential as one global community.

Each video lasts from about 10 minutes to even an hour which can seem like a lot, but I often multi-task by listening to these channels while I'm oil-pulling in the morning and/or making my breakfast. Definitely check them out. It's well worth it!

Wake Up in Complete Nourishment

Recently I became a plant-based vegan, where all my food has a foundation of plants, grains or beans. In the morning I eat my routine hot oatmeal with a variety of fruit depending on the season and week. Ingredients include:

a natural sweetener (i.e. honey),


Lime juice,

A nut for a bit of crunch ( I LOVE walnuts),

an apple

1-2 other complementary fruit (i.e. pomegranate or strawberries)

I find that waking up with a animal free and plant-based breakfast sets the tone for a day with a clear mind and clear heart.

Wake up in Reflection

Journaling is an amazing way of freeing the mind of worries, doubts and fears and also expressing gratitude and positivity. The mornings in particular are perfect for reflecting through journaling because your mind if fresh from a night of rest. There are two ways I often journal:

Devotional Journaling

Ahead of time, I write different bible verses at the top of each page in the journal. Then each morning I reflect on the the piece of scripture by noting how it makes me feel, what it makes me think about, etc - just unedited and raw reflection. I often discover thoughts and connections I NEVER though I knew or understood.

Word Vomit Journaling

When I was in college, my professor encouraged us to wake up, roll over and start writing - literally in that order. The goal is to allow the mind to freely express itself through words without thinking or judgements. So it's the first thing you do when your mind is just starting to come to and you having really even recognized the day or time yet. This "word vomit" if you will clears the brain, allowing space for new and improved thoughts to come in.

Wake up and Speak Into Existence (Intention)

In the mornings I start my day with "GOOD MORNING GOD!" and typically I follow-up with an affirmation or intention like "Today is going to be an amazing". After acknowledging the universal presence and myself then I discuss what I would like this day to look like out loud. My conversations with god and myself sets the tone for the day and allows me to discover what I need to focus on that day. From there I set an intention with a mantra, a short easy phrase that can be easily remembered and repeated.

Wake up in Clear Sight

Meditation is the act of being. It's an act of clearing the mind to allow the spirit to grow and the flesh to follow, not the other way around. I start my 10 - 15 minute meditations with a lightbody scan, where I imagine light starting from the top of my head and flowing through every part of my body. After the light has taken over I send it out to my room, my apartment, my city, and across the continents to the sun (our ultimate source of light) and to all the stars I can imagine. Then I visual the energy from those beings coming back to me and thus we are connected.

From that energy I creatively visual my goals and very specific moments I would like to see manifest themselves. I connect to the faces of those who are there, my actions, the feeling, and even the specific location of the visualized event. The more detail that can realized and visualized the better. Each morning I see these moments and continually add more and more detail.

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