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Updated: Oct 6, 2018

The beginning. My first blog post on August 17, 2015.

How to Belgium Creative Living

These words and boards sum up the cultivation of my heart and thoughts in 2015. And all three have come together and created my next step: Leaving my job, selling all of my things and moving to Europe. Yeah… Europe… It’s a huge place but I’m determined to see and explore as much as I can (well what God and what he places in my wallet… but mostly God will allow me to see) and learn as much as I can about life, culture, and art on that side of the world. If there is anything I have learned this year, its that through Him anything is possible.

I’ve been living as a performing artist in DC for about two years now and I’ve grown so much mentally, intellectually and spiritually as an artist, sister, friend, co-worker, daughter, Christian, etc . Over the course of this year, I have started feeling this need to just experience more and explore the world God has created with all its wonder, culture, opportunity and promise. Have I ever been to Europe? Nope. But that’s not going to stop me.

I don’t see this as courage at all. It just feels like something I have to do. And that just makes it feel more right

Many people look at me in disbelief, shock, surprise, you name it when I tell them my decision. They talk of my courage, guts, and other words that make me sound like a daredevil. But in actuality others have done it, I’m just adding myself to the list. But the weird part is… I don’t see this as courage at all. It just feels like something I have to do. And that just makes it feel more right and more supported by the Original Artist of everything we think, see and feel: God. I owe it all to Him for the decision (or courage and guts that others speak of) and each step I have in preparation for this moment.

So, my page will serve as an update on my travels, thoughts, fears, and experiences. I will post about once a week potentially more to keep all family, friends and any strangers updated on my life and travels. Once a week seems like a good number because I really don’t want to be tied to my computer the whole time. I just want to focus on the experience. Said operation is a go about a week from today. But man… it feels like tomorrow.

Anyway, now for the nitty gritty and the fact that I sense an FAQ coming on. Here is a little more detail:

  1. Where I’m going….

I will be starting in Ireland, then starting with a tour of cities, such as Berlin, Brussels, Rome, Barcelona, then finally London. From there I plan to spend about a month in London, then in Brussels, Then (insert another artsy fartsy city that I find myself drawn to here). After that India for a wedding of one of my closests friend’s brother. Come January… honestly I have no idea. I trust that God will tell me/present whatever opportunity I’m meant to pursue by that time. Back to the states? Teaching or performing in London?Managing an arts org in Bulgaria? Who knows!

2. Travel Funds

Yes, I have been saving quite a bit and I am searching/developing ways to even try to create some income while traveling.

3. What my parents/family thinks

My family has been really supportive (Thanks everyone) and my parents, in particular, are THE most supportive parents I know. They have always been there to see me through each step of my life and I am blessed to have their support in this one. I know they are probably feeling a little down about their baby girl going across the pond but deep down I feel a strong sense of pride from them. Proud that their daughter has decided to take a leap of faith and most importantly maintained God at the center. Love you ma and pa! (and bro bro, I know he would be sad if I left him out, lol)

And one last thought that pops up every now and again…

4. And If I fail….

I won’t. Because I tried. And maybe I’m meant to learn something or end up exactly where I need to be for God to take my life to a different level or place. Either way, God will catch me when there is nothing else. But thats really hard when he is (in) everything.

Thanks for reading,

And Remember.... Always have Faith. Keep a Vision. And Make Art in Everything you Do.


Matthew 6:25–28, 30–21

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