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Vision, Art and Faith: **Exciting Update!!!!**

Exciting Updates Everyoneeeee! I know I don’t mention much about my concrete whereabouts but a little over a month ago I attended the audition for the Lion King the musical in London and made it to the second day of callbacks and was cut at the end of the day. But…. this past week I was invited to a dance call for the Lion King the musical here in Amsterdam. If there’s anything I have learned about my journey, its that I can’t do anything alone. The power of positive minds, hearts and spirits has flowed abundantly throughout my travels, so for this opportunity I believe its essential to include all of you, those who have and continue to support me in my endeavors.

Something feels really good about this opportunity, so if I happen to cross your mind between now and Monday think positive “Briana is booked in Amsterdam” vibes/prayers. Thank you again for all for your continued support. I simply can’t say it enough!

Thanks again for reading,

And Remember to: Always have Faith, Keep a Vision, and Make Art in Everything that you do.


Psalms 46:5

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