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Last October, I went abroad to teach and perform at a dance festival in Brussels. It turned into a two week mini vacation where I hit Copenhagen, Brussels, and then Amsterdam. The day before I left Amsterdam, I was sitting and contemplating my experience abroad and my overall feeling being back in Europe.

I asked myself, “ Okay… I’m here… again. Will I just return to the States as if the times I spend abroad are just moments to tell my unborn children or is there something more?”

Suddenly a little voice asked me, “Well.. Briana… what do you want?”.

I took a moment and immediately realized:

“I want to move to Brussels.”

An intensely calming feeling of peace washed over me as if my acknowledgement suddenly started a ripple effect that I hadn’t noticed until now….as I sit on my apartment balcony in Brussels, getting settled into my new home as a self-employed dance consultant (I like to call myself), who was granted a two-year self-employment visa in the performing arts.

Yep, it happened. Well, it I guess was bound to. Right? That proclamation caused a ripple effect that lead me to an intense research of Belgian visas, compiling my artistic experiences into an extensive portfolio and, most importantly, a 10-page business plan commodifying my art form (a bizarre concept to me) and showing Belgium that I’m a passionate yet business- savvy artist. Nearly 3.5 months after nervously turning in my visa application, I received official notice of my approval and a month later I’m here in this moment, enjoying summertime in Brussels on a breezy Friday night.

This is creation, you know? The manifestation of things seen and unseen. God has provided tangible opportunities for me to grow in my art through teaching, choreography, and performance. It seems like one opportunity leads to another which leads to another and all of a sudden these streams of active creativity become puzzle pieces for my future — pieces that serve a strong part in each step. And it’s also my faith, an unseen and unshakeable power, that connects all the pieces. My faith and passion in movement and dance creates the ever present feeling and acknowledgement that each opportunity leads to something greater.

Here in Brussels, I’ve created a dance consulting business called STU Arts, (pronounced S-T-U Arts) a sole proprietorship that provides high quality arts-related services and consultancy. STU Arts focuses on performance, teaching, choreography and arts administration for Belgian independent dance artists, dance/cultural arts organizations and dance companies. I will present a unique approach to the methodology and engagement of arts-related work for clients and students to “See. Think. and Understand” the Arts, hence STU Arts.

The creation of this opportunity was not by chance. Maktub: It was written. God provided the pieces and I just had to be brave enough, strong enough, and creative enough to piece them all together. And this is not the end, but merely a milestone in the manifestation of my ultimate purpose — A purpose built on creating, moving, changing, seeking and conspiring, to transform myself and those around me. So I will continue to search for the next set of pieces in my new home and know that when things aren’t clearly evident or just not coming my way, I have these pieces to continue forging my future — a future that is unique to my purpose and calling.

The original creator instilled in me a strong desire and will to create, not just in my art but in my relationships with people, my day to day life and how I go about even the simplest of tasks. Each step of the way primes me for my next step to create my life, future and opportunities. I must continue to see and feel my worldly and spiritual growth and success all wrapped up into a package that is uniquely mine, uniquely my calling on this earth and rooted in the foundation of God’s grace and glory. Getting to this point wasn’t easy but He always made a way, even when I couldn’t see it. I mean, that’s what He does —create and make a way for all of us to create with Him too.

Thanks again for reading,

And Remember: Always have Faith. Keep a Vision. And Make Art in Everything you do.


Jeremiah 29:11

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