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I have officially been traveling around the world for 4 months now!!!! I know, I know every post always entails this shock factor, but as I continue traveling I am always overwhelmed by the new experiences and relationships I create along the way. As I continue moving forward, I can see God working: planting new seeds in my life, watering seeds planted years ago, and nurturing those that have fully blossomed. The dispersement and care of these seeds can feel disorderly but just within 4 months I can actually make at least a little sense of all of it and find the importance of being at the right place at the right time despite the craziness it took to get there.

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Think about the design, construction, and architecture of our lives as such an intricate and detailed blueprint equipped with specific measurements, scales and physical characteristics that make us who we are. And each one of us has our very own, unique design drawn by the greatest artist and scientist known to man. But, the most amazing part of each plan is creating one plan with another in mind. They all overlap at specific moments in time in specific places. It would be impossible to create all our paths parallel with one another or in a perfect grid because that design doesn’t allow each one of us to touch and be touched by others. In a given week or month we meet and come into the same space with thousands of other people, each with their own specific plan and through it all we create lifelong relationships and unforgettable experiences.

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During my travels I have experienced other peoples’ plans intersect with my own in the most surprising circumstances as well as the growth of seeds of knowledge, relationships, and experiences. No matter what stage each seed is in, it is guaranteed they will blossom at just the right time and just the right place. We think certain things happen to us “just because” but EVERYTHING happens for a reason. Most, if not all, are reasons beyond our understanding. Overtime, if you pay attention, you can feel and see them contribute to your life’s journey. What I call the madness of God’s Art.

Thanks again for reading,

And remember to: Always have Faith. Keep a Vision. And Make Art in Everything you do.


Psalms 56:13

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