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Vision, Art and Faith meet Letting Go

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As you all know, I returned to Amsterdam with an invitation to audition for the production of the Lion King. There was something about all the seeds planted leading up to this opportunity that felt so right — it literally seemed meant to be. Unfortunately I did not receive a callback, but I viewed the audition like a class and a sign of a step in the right direction.

Directly following the audition, I felt this all-encompassing sense of uncertainty. My mind and even spirit thought that this.. was… IT! Only to be shown that God has something better in store. So, I had to let go. I let go of the audition, let go of that darn arabesque, let go of any shoulda coulda wouldas, let go of the “this was it” feeling and, overall, let go of Amsterdam, by taking a deep breath and releasing all worries, and expectations. And it’s difficult to do this when your creativity surrounding the situation is running wild.

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I had already thought of a million ways about how I would make the city home — from where I would get my groceries to how I would go about creating a social life to where I would take my parents and friends when they came to visit (I was literally all in for Michigan, lol). Through great moments with amazing people, breathtaking beauty and contagious energy, I felt this strong sense of connectedness and possibility in the city. Out of all of the cities I’ve traveled to, Amsterdam was the hardest to leave.

So when my opportunity in Amsterdam was cut short, I took one deep breath and let it all go. I let all of it go so I could make room for stronger faith, hope and courage to keep moving forward. And it’s not easy to leave those things behind. Those things that connected to your mind, heart, spirit and purpose, but it’s most important to take everything you learned from them to push forward. I released my own understanding and attachment to the city and its’ opportunities, and drifted into a larger, godly perspective. I was brought to Amsterdam for a reason beyond my understanding, so maybe the earthly “no” I feel is actually a heavenly “Not yet”. But at the end of the day, God allowed it to happen for a reason and my goal is to find the blessing within it.

Thanks again for reading,

And Remember to: Always have Faith, Keep a Vision and Make Art in Everything that you do.


Exodus 14:14

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