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Updated: Oct 6, 2018

What does it actually mean to live? Or to be living? Thus far I’ve gathered that it’s not just the blood that runs runs through our veins, the rhythm of our hearts, or the mere fact that we wake up every morning. You can do all this stuff anywhere on the planet, really. So what is it?

Every time I hit a new city, I am confronted with the idea of how to live in these new places and it’s been a rather overwhelming idea. Imagine, waking up and being able to do literally anything you can think of. You can hit all the tourist attractions, eat all the delicacies of that country, shop at the best stores, lay in bed all day or just wander around town. And honestly, I typically lean towards the latter.

Almost everyday I wake up, I take a dance class, and then wander around the city. Yep, it’s this plain and simple. This is my recipe for living because it requires me to seek without knowing exactly what I’m looking for. And typically when you search in this manner, you find more than what you would have found with an actual plan. I used to live a very planned and regimented life in DC, and yes I accomplished much, but my soul wasn’t being fed. And I wasn’t allowing God to work as much because I was cutting Him off with my 6:30pm private lesson or my rehearsal at 1:00pm. Leaving that life behind me, I came here to embrace all it’s uncertainty, freedom and absence of expectations. It provides days, weeks, and now months full of exploration and quality time with God. Maybe that’s why he wanted me to leave, because I was pushing Him into a slot in my planner (yep, I’m old school, Google calendar huh?).

And we all do it, following those things we think we should do. Making decisions that everyone else would agree with or saying “yes” because we think we have to. Here, I have no distractions or appointments to get to. I’m just determined to explore and seek Him in everything around me and everyone I meet. All this creates the ultimate form of living by finding my heart, my soul, my purpose, my essence, my shape, and simply myself, which are all those things designed and planned by God.

Living is Freedom.

Living is God.

Living is Love.

Living is Community.

Living is Connectedness.

Living is Uncertainty.

Living is Finding the good in everything around you.

Thanks again for reading.

And remember to: Always have Faith, Keep a Vision and Make Art in Everything that you do.


Revelation 3:10

P.S. There are a few pictures I took in the midst of my wandering. See more on my VAF instagram: @VisionArtFaith

London, England
Brussels, Belgium
London, England
Brussels, Belgium
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