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Originally Written Sept 2, 2015

These two weeks in Limerick have really made me feel like a local. From shopping at the weekend Milk (like farmers) Market to going on morning runs in the city and neighborhood, each activity originally started in an unknown place and has eventually become more and more familiar. At first it felt like I was wandering a bit, not lost but wandering- knowing that I will find something, even if I wasn’t quite sure what it looked or felt like.

During my runs, I often have an idea of a certain route to follow but then I feel compelled to take a different route out of curiosity or discovery. I literally come to the end of a road and look left and right. Not sure what either brings but finding my spirit more curious about one path over the other. And after following choice A, I end up discovering even more paths along the way. This sense of “wondering while wandering” has led me to understand my surroundings and overall, my purpose on this journey.

It’s like steering a sail boat. In order to get from A to B you don’t move along a straight line to get there, you have to meander along by just going with the wind to eventually reach your destination. And based on time and circumstance, when you get there, your destination could look incredibly different from what you imagined initially. But….(Cue Morgan Freeman’s voice of the movie Bruce Almighty) “that’s the beauty of it!”

I find this sailboat metaphor to be, as Steve Furtick of Elevation Church puts it, “a physical (earthly) manifestation of heavenly truths”- the idea that many obstacles we experience on earth represent larger truths and lessons. The meandering of the sailboat to reach its destination or the alternate routes during my runs are parallel to the course of our lives that go through so many twists and turns to eventually lead to our purpose. Each day I imagine my travels as such, and I’m just here for the ride, allowing God to control the gears and take me to places I couldn’t even imagine.


Well that’s food for thought! lol…. and speaking of food…… I went to this AH-MAZ-ING local restaurant called The Buttery. I know just saying it tastes good lol.

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I ordered two poached eggs with smoked salmon over hash browns drizzled in a Hollandaise sauce with arugula. Soooo good, pescetarian and gluten-free! I really want to go back, but in order to get the most out of any city, I think it’s best to try things only once to make sure I get a a variety of experiences. The overall environment was relaxing and the wait staff were very friendly. It was nice to engage with them and learn more about various sights and cities in Ireland.

I appreciate my extended time in Ireland. I learned even more about engaging with an unknown city. It’s helped me to evaluate what I would like in my next place of residence (with the good and not-so-good) and above all have fun and enjoy the sights!

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Welp, that’s all for Ireland. Next up…… will be a surprise…oooooo suspenseeeeee lol.

Thanks again for reading!

And Remember to: Always have Faith. Keep a Vision. And Make Art in Everything you Do.


Proverbs 29: 25

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Oh and last but certainly not least, my travel tune of the week:


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