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Vision, Art and Faith meet Potential

Updated: Oct 6, 2018

Originally Written September 21, 2105.

Now at Blog #4, I realize that I have been in 4 different cities , in less than a month: Limerick, Nice, Rome, and currently in Brussels. It’s been very rewarding to feel the vibe, energy and pace of each city. Limerick is like a small town restlessly wanting to be a big city, Nice is a perfect vacation city, Rome is tourist central like NYC, and Brussels…whats not to love? I felt good about this place as soon as my feet hit the pavement.

Each city has it’s own history, culture, knowledge, way of being and innate connection to it’s people. Actually the city = it’s people. Together they work together to build business, sports, language, commerce, art, among others thus ever expanding the potential and energy of a city.

This idea of potential became more apparent when I was in Rome; a city who’s architecture and monuments truly express the potential of us as people. In the Sistine Chapel, Michelangelo painted The Creation, a masterpiece that continues to inspire and intrigue believers and non-believers alike. He was a man that worked within a set of parameters by merely relying on his naked eye, bare hands and homemade paints. With just a few brushes and paints, he produced his work with patience, time, precision, passion, intellect, and heart — displaying a true representation of Michelangelo’s talent, skill and potential and his ability to create something grand and priceless with only so much.

My knowledge of God’s plan for me abroad.

My eating habits (lol).

My luggage.

The amount of time I have abroad.

All limited, yet just enough to accomplish anything.

Honestly, I find that sometimes having too much doesn’t allow for greatness — it’s the creativity applied to limitations that creates something so much more. Now, ask yourself: “What is my potential, despite any limitations or circumstances I’m facing?” “How can I take what I am given and accomplish my purpose?”

For me, I consider and reflect on the centuries of people before us who saw potential in everything around them and looked within themselves and at their own hands to create it. Now, think about what’s inside of you. What can you do with your talents, skills and interests to create something great for you, the world and God? What is your Creation?

Thanks again for reading!

And Remember that you have the potential to: Always have Faith. Keep a Vision. And Make Art in Everything you Do.


Joshua 1:9

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