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Vision, Art and Faith meet Stillness

Amsterdam, The Netherlands Travel Bloggers How To Belgium Creative Living Stillness

Stillness is the best word to describe my week’s stay in Amsterdam. In the city I found more time to relax, soak in the architecture, and be amongst the people and culture. At first I felt a bit lost because the city was never a part of my travel plans in the first place, but I realized that journeys of all kinds come with unexpected surprises. And with an open heart, mind and spirit, one can uncover so much meaning. So, I addressed the unknown: Why has my journey led me here? How am I feeling about where I’ve come from? How has my spirit changed? and so on. Suddenly, I realized that I’ve just kept going and going and going, and my first day in Amsterdam was my first time actually conducting a much needed self check-in.

Amsterdam, The Netherlands Travel Bloggers How To Belgium Creative Living Stillness

So I had to be still, in order to center myself, regain energy, and merely breath leading to better listening, deeper reflections, and a heightened sense of thankfulness. Day by day I give most of my energy to others in order to seek beyond myself and constantly connect with changing environments, but how often do I stop to fully receive God’s energy ?

He took me to an unexpected city, where I didn’t know anyone and the past three months have been spent staying with friends and friends of friends. I wasn’t scared, just recognizing a new challenge to literally find my own way in a new place. I had more time to be alone, really listen to my gut, feel the energies around me and increase my awareness of Him pouring into me. No one to come home to and reflect on my day or ask questions, but instead finding my home in an intimate place with God.

And that can be a tough cookie to swallow this earthly sense of loneliness, but we are never really alone. He is always there to listen to us, comfort us, love us and strenghthen us. And I felt this growth and quality time expand in stillness each day I explored and took in Amsterdam.

Amsterdam, The Netherlands Travel Bloggers How To Belgium Creative Living Stillness

All this wasn’t easy mind you, but once I realized the stillness I could achieve, I embraced it. Not just for my relationship with God but for the rejuvenation of my mind, heart and spirit. It can seem like stillness is an inactive state, but when God is on your team, he is always working to make things happen.

And actually, often we make too many moves for him to work quickly and effectively.

Thanks again for reading,

And Remember to: Always have Faith, Keep a Vision, and Make Art in Everything that you Do.


Psalms 37:4

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