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Vision, Art and Faith meet Trust

Next week I will be returning to the states ending my 6 month adventure and it’s a rather bittersweet realization. I started my travels unsure of what I was going to run into, and honestly, unsure of how I was going to do it. But since the beginning, without me even realizing it, I rooted myself in not only faith but a heavy dose of trust — trust in myself and God. God trusted me with His world, His cultures, His people, His art and His funds; knowing that I would show each of these things the proper respect, care and love that He shows all of us. In turn, I trusted Him to provide all that I needed along the way, even when I didn’t know which way to go. Together, trust was strengthened and proven unshakable as each day, week and month passed.

Trust was established by simply making the decision to leave the unfamiliar. Trust was stretched when I reached out to all of you for your love, support and contacts across the hemispheres. Trust was created within new friendships formed in different countries and cities. Trust was challenged within each new artistic space I dove into — studio, concert hall, rehearsal space, etc. Trust in my own artistry grew in each and every class I took throughout Europe — discovering my interests, enhancing my creativity and investigating my moving body. Trust in information and culture surrounded me with each question I asked and answer I received — igniting my interest to learn about and understand the many different people in this world. Trust in my dreams were refined every time I shared my story with someone new and questioned about my faith.

So, as I wrap my head around returning to the states I trust that the next step and opportunity that He brings me will continue to expand and challenge me. I must trust that I can apply all I have discovered in the unfamiliar back to the familiar and live my life more openly and unpredictably. Honestly, as I look back, I realize I could live a lot more in His world by applying my faith and trust in the little daily activities and make room for the unexpected. So as I move forward I have more trust in Him and how he plans my everyday, not by planning my life down to the milli-second but simply allowing the day to happen.

So as I come home with even more potential, stripped of my car, apartment, furniture and most of my funds, I can’t help but wake up everyday hearing the question,

“Do you trust Me?”

and knowing that’s all I need to make it through each day.

Thanks for reading,

And remember to: Always have Faith, Keep a Vision, and Make Art in Everything that you Do.


Psalms 46:1

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