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Vision, Art, and Faith: Uncut!!!!!!!!

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So many of my posts focused on the spiritual aspects and implications of my trip. Now outside of that there were some pretty interesting and random things that happened, lol.

So, as I continue to digest my travels I compiled a list of the top 10 cool, strange and bizarre things that occurred during my travels. Tehehehee, Enjoy!

1.That odd moment where you’re luggage was delayed and you end up mistakenly buying a pack of underwear so big you could make a clothes line (Irish women thick yo, lol).

2.That bizarre moment where your Megabus from London to Amsterdam is delayed due to passengers claiming to have cocaine on them.

3.That slightly scary moment where you realize the Paris attackers were traced back to Molenbeek, the same neighborhood where you were staying in Brussels.

4.That breathtaking moment where you finally meet your attractive online Belgian language buddy in his hometown who has soft curly hair, beautiful brown eyes, a great sense of humor and makes you forget how to say “bonj…” wait…what…?

5. That amazing moment when you’re chosen as one of the final four of over 200 girls to be called back for day 2 of the London production of the Lion King. And after making it to the end of day 2 get cut right before the final call.

6. That epic moment when you meet an amazing dancer from the London’s production of the Lion King, watch the show from the sound booth, get a tour backstage and hang out with members of the cast.

7. That random moment when you find yourself tipsy in Dublin with a local…nuff said…. (Yes this is a big deal for those who know me lol)

8. That crazzzzy moment where you wake up in your hostel at 4am to a half-naked man peeing on the floor in your all-female room.

9. …and you have to do laundry immediately after because half your things were soaked…le sigh….

10. That amazing moment where you finish your trip and you realize you visited a total of 10 countries and 15 cities!

Thanks for reading,

And remember to: Always have faith, keep a vision, and keep your clothes elevated at all times.


“Go to bed with an itchy butt, wake up with a smelly hand.”-Confucious

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