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Every moment of everyday I live my life abundantly.

Brussels Belgium Expat Blogger Briana Ashley Stuart Lifestyle Joy Abundance

Looking up at the clear blue sky from my bedroom window, the resonance of these words fill my heart and open my mind. This rush of emotion isn't caused by sadness but the honesty and truth behind these words. No matter the situation, seek abundance in all that you do. Experience everything fully and let worries drift away, while possibilities arrive.

So now that I'm getting back into the groove of things and spending long days at my computer, on the phone, and/or hashing out details for upcoming projects, it's more important than ever to keep abundance and joy at the center of every moment. I've noticed that after a few hours of administrative work I start feeling heavy, a mixture of fatigue and slight anxiety. Once these feelings wash over me, I become acutely aware that there is no longer any joy in what I am doing. What may have started as an "Oh yeah! Let's tackle checking my emails" transitions into, "If I have to look at one... more.... email." Instantly, I stop and ask myself, "How can I bring joy and therefore abundance into this moment?".

Brussels Belgium Expat Blogger Briana Ashley Stuart Lifestyle Joy Abundance
Joy is cake!

Sometimes joy is just a quick laugh, calling a friend, watching a comedy, listening to a podcast or making headway on a passion project. Joy doesn't need to be filled with anything in particular but just space and lightness that brings positive energy. This positive distraction brings simple enjoyment and gratitude in our minds and hearts and in gratitude we see everything we have and therefore cannot comprehend lack. Everything, including each one of us, becomes enough.

I've realized that joy should be and well is the source of all things. It is through joy that we find the right energy to go about our days. Joy is the opposite of lack. Joy keeps me energetic and youthful. Joy makes me and the people around me happy. Joy brings me new ideas. In joy I produce the best work. In joy I feel like my best self. In joy I can do anything I put my mind to. So when I've focused on a task for too long and not longer feel joyful, I completely shift to something that makes me feel lighter.

Brussels Belgium Expat Blogger Briana Ashley Stuart Lifestyle Joy Abundance

I realize that this is why people say to do what you love, because that joyful place will provide what's necessary if we are only daring enough to look. Abundance doesn't just look like one thing. It's different for all people and all situations. This is why in diving into your joy, you find yourself and realize that everything you desire is joyfully and abundantly in you.

Thanks for reading, And Remember to Always have Faith, Keep a vision, and make art in everything that you do. Briana #joy #vision #lifestyleblog #abundance #expat #Brussels #Belgium #bloggers #fun

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