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Vision, Art & Faith meet Choice

Updated: Oct 6, 2018

Originally Written Sept 2, 2015.

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Today marks my first full week in Limerick, Ireland and it has been rewarding and rainy, lol. Yes. All it does is rain. Allll the time; literally every 10 or 15 minutes. I thought Michigan weather had mood swings but then I stumbled upon Limerick.

The smallest of choices can make the biggest impacts.

Weather aside, the concept of choice has been ever so present in my mind as each day passes. Since making the choice of following God overseas I have seen the importance of understanding and recognizing the choices God continuously puts before us. Choices as small as which road to take to get to a local grocery store and as big as which city I will focus on for artistic opportunities. The smallest of choices can make the biggest impacts. God grants us choice because he loves us and wants us to learn how to navigate our lives with every meander, twist, and turn.

So when I arrived into Dublin last Tuesday, I had the choice of freaking out because my luggage was delayed for 4 days or to just keep it moving and enjoy the new sites, sounds and people around me. I chose the latter. Why? Because what’s the use worrying? How does it change anything? At the end of the day I have the resources necessary to make it for 4 days. This hiccup on my first day of travels is just that... a hiccup. Life continued and I got my bag, woooo hoooo! And most importantly I plan to live each day in faith. Worry is a product of fear. And fear and faith cannot exist in the same space.

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I have also been thinking a lot about graduate school. Specifically graduate schools abroad. I am intrigued by the way other countries research, support and provide art to their artist communities and communities-at-large. Luckily I was able to visit the University of Limerick and hang out with fellow dancer and colleague, Jakari, who is going to school for Ethnochoreology (Yeah, go ahead and google it, lol.)

He is doing some amazing things at UL, which prompted my interest in their Contemporary Modern MA program. The program doesn’t seem to offer what I am looking for in a graduate school but I’m still glad I got to explore the school first hand. And now my wheels are turning in regards to what I would like/need in a graduate program. And I have the choice of so many schools around the world. As I continue on this journey I hope my artistic needs and essentials become more evident. I have sooo many ideas as to what I want to dedicate my life to within art and I’m just waiting for the moment where it all makes sense.

Well that pretty much sums up my week: rain days, luggage delays

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, and good times with friends (old and new). Oh and for those who are curious or uncertain of my luggage situation… this is all I decided to bring with me….. Yep…. It makes me more mobile, promises zero to no visits to the chiropractor when I’m older and all I actually need can fit in this bag and backpack. Anything extra, may be purchased in the midst of my travels. I chose to relieve myself of (sell, donate, even throw away) many of my belongings in DC and at the end of the day they are merely physical possessions. All I really need is found with in me: Vision, Faith, Art and even more so the choices that flow and connect all three.

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Thanks again for reading,

And Remember to choose to: Always have Faith. Keep a Vision. And Make Art in Everything you Do.


Zechariah 10:1

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Typical Limerick, overcast and rainy.

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One of the best days in Limerick since I have been here.

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