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La Grande Mosquee- Paris

Currently, I'm sitting on a bus heading back to Brussels after a quick weekend trip to Paris. My flight to the US was cancelled two weeks ago before my flight date due to WOW Air's bankruptcy ( yeah.. I know). But despite this last minute shift, I decided take a mini-vacay to Brussels' Big Sister instead. I was a bit leery because I had already been, but to my surprise I still discovered new things and vibes within the city. As if regaining contact with an old friend, I knocked on the door of discovery again, the greatest joy of traveling.

" To discover the world, is to discover yourself."

Since my first major Eurotrip (see my first travel post here), I've had a thing for unknown places. I enjoy wandering through the streets , picking up bits of the language, filling my iCloud with too many pictures of amazing architecture, and overall those things that are different from what I know yet, similar in it's basic sense of our humanity.

How to Belgium, Universe, Love, Creative Living Travel Blog How to Belgium
Paris, France

Maybe it's in the churches in practically every city that emphasize our desire to reach something bigger than ourselves. Or in the many rivers that pass through or by cities showing the importance the environment has always played in creating and constructing our hometowns. Or the city signs with simple messages- " prohibited", "slow down" or "stop"- written across languages that guides its' citizens through their daily lives.

Either way, the one thing I've really noticed through all my travels is that everyone worldwide is:

just... trying.... to make it".

Trying to make it to work. Trying to make ends meet. Trying to make it through the day. Trying to see their family and friends. And overall just trying to make sense of their lives.

We may travel and see the differences in our cultures, but I'd like to think that it's in these differences that actually make us more alike. And at the core of our humanity we're just trying to figure out who we are. That it's the how & why and not the what that makes all the difference. It's not what language we speak but the need to communicate and be understood. It's not the type of dance but the stories we tell through movement. It's not what food we eat but the community and sharing that food brings.

How to Belgium, Universe, Love, Creative Living Travel Blog How to Belgium
Le Louvre

Yes I'm American and she's French but we share in our search for how we fit in all this, using clues within our culture and others to put the pieces together. For me, these things make the world much smaller than it already is and it connects us and helps us understand more about who we are and who we are not.

And within that lies the adventure of discovery not only of the world but ourselves.

Thanks for reading and remember: always have faith, keep a vision and make art in everything that you do,


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