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Back when I lived in Washington, D.C, I would visit my uncle's law office downtown and sometimes we would take a quick trip to Whole Foods to get bananas ( he sadly works more than eats) and two flower bouquets for his office. Back at the office which was about the size of a studio apartment, he'd move through stacks of books, files cabinet, and folders to , cut the ends of the flowers, clean the vases and place each bouquet neatly in the waiting area and by his desk. Suddenly a rather intense law office heavy in changing the world was lightened by a couple of roses.

How? Honestly I had no idea. It just seemed to make sense. I felt alive when I walked past the bouquet and felt it's sense of life in the midst of the rigid four walls, metal cabinets, and computers. I was a reminded of the power of who we are through nature: our beauty, our impermanence and our strength.

Since moving to Belgium, I hadn't thought about these moments in my uncle's office until I invited a friend of mine over for dinner and instead of he standard bottle of wine or dessert she brought out a huge bouquet of beautiful white flowers. Life in the palm of her hand. I instantly took them and was mesmerized by the variety and overall composition of the bouquet. I scanned my living room for the perfect spot and chose my dining room table in perfect view from the kitchen and the living room.

During dinner in the midst of laughing and joking, I felt that same vibrant energy I felt in my Uncle's office almost 5 years ago. Ever since then, I buy a new bouquet every week to keep that same energy alive in my apartment. I realize that it's not just about the beauty the flowers bring but the life lessons they remind me of every single week.


Nothing is permanent. A flower grows from a seed nestled safely in the earth and once they mature are cut to create the bouquet. The moment they are cut, they begin to die. Every day I walk past the bouquet I notice a petal fall, a shriveled flower, and the color change of each flower from vibrant to dull. After a week or so, I thank them for their life and replace them with another bouquet only to restart the cycle. Nothing is meant to last forever.

Give and Take

Each week I am in gratitude of the flower's strength to endure so that I might enjoy it's presence. It's life has been taken and offered to me so that I might live more fully. This is reflective of the fact that everything is an exchange. The flowers death for my grander and fuller sense of life.

Life attracts Life

Overtime I noticed that my plants and bouquets started attracting smaller insects that live in close proximity of or in the plant. Before I would have been creeped out by the little insects but I realize that their presence is a good sign of life thriving in my space right before my very eyes because life attracts life. By adding their life to my life I feel lighter and brighter despite my own four walls and I enjoy it's floral essence through it's color, aroma and aura.

Plants are people too

Every plant is basically a person with needs and unique identity. Just like people every single plant is different from the shape of the leaves, to the curve of its stem, to what it needs to thrive. I nurture them like a mother, watch them like a great series on Netflix and water them like an anxious cloud. Overtime I've learned that new buds are good signs of plant health, or a certain color of the soil means they are thirsty or have enough water, and leaves limpness or perkiness is a indicator of level of happiness. Beyond their basic needs I even acknowledge them by looking at them every day, paying them compliments or sometimes even touching them.

Life Brussels Belgium Blog Briana Ashley Stuart Dancer Artist Lifestyle

Life is as multi-layered as a bouquet of flowers full of complex and simple moments. Through plants I've found another layer of life that keeps me grounded and brings me joy. In taking care of them, I'm recognizing how to take care of myself and slowing down to soak in my surroundings and the amazing gifts live has to offer.

Thanks for reading,

And Remember to Always have Faith, Keep a Vision, & Make Art in Everything that you Do.


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