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Vision, Art, Faith meet my Bucket List!

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This past week I turned 31!!! And I celebrated another rotation around the sun with good food, good company, and a realization that my birthday falls on the (hopefully) tail end of the Covid-19 pandemic. As things open back up, I've started to think more about what I would like to accomplish which led me to creating my very first bucket list.

I plan to check this list once a year and choose at least two things that I would like to accomplish each a year. Because as we all know, if you don't make a plan to do something more than likely it won't get done. Its all about the smaller steps leading up to it, and intention is the first and most important step. Not to mention my 31st birthday brought me refreshing new energy to keep making my wildest dreams come true.

This is my Bucket List thus far:

  • Learn how to surf at a week long surf camp.

  • Visit all 7 continents.

  • Skydive 🪂

  • Got to Carnival in the Caribbean, London and/or Brazil.

  • Try nude body paint.

  • Visit all the European countries

  • Visit the Large Hadron Collider in Geneva, Switzerland.

  • Visit Japan and participate in a tradition Japanese tea ceremony.

  • Fly first class.

  • Visa Alaska and sleep in an igloo.

  • Visit an active volcano.

  • Zip line through a lush jungle/rainforest.

  • See the northern lights.

  • Visit Montréal, Canada.

  • Go to the Olympics at least once.

  • Participate in the L'Ecole de Sables Dance Program in Sénégal 🇸🇳.

  • Go to a Belgian Red Devils soccer game.

  • Learn how to plan the Guitar and/or piano

  • Publish a book.

  • Children’s book

  • Give a TedX Talk.

  • Meet Oprah Winfrey.

  • Meet Barack Obama

  • Streaking.

  • See the 7 new wonders of the world

  • Visit all 50 US States.

Bucket List Black Female Bloggers Travel

I hope to keep adding and subtracting items from the list as new and amazing experiences come my way, while setting the time aside to make it happen.

I don't want to keep working day in and day out without celebrating all that is. Because at some point you have to ask yourself what you would like to experience out of this fraction of a second we call life and create the greatest and most unforgettable memories.

Thanks for reading,

And remember to always have faith, keep a vision and make art in everything that you do. -------Briana

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