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Vision, Art & Faith meet Nature

When I booked my ticket to Stavanger some months ago, I focused on finally meeting up with a Norwegian friend I'd met in Brussels some 4 years ago. Our goal was to re-connect and jam in the studio as much as we could. But in addition to that, Ann Kathrin wanted to make sure that I got a good feel for Stavanger: A hub of amazing naturescapes full of beaches, mountains, cliffs, etc.

I'm truly a city girl at heart but when she said, we would be hiking I was like," Yeah, why not?". The first hike was up to Dalsnuten, a small mountain in Sola, a city outside of Stavanger. It wasn't a piece of cake but I managed. THEN there was the hike to Pulpit's Rock. BRUH! Ain't nobody forewarn, give a hint to or even talk about the intensive hike to see this world-famous cliff. But by the grace of God, universe and everything in between we made it to the rock, well cliff....... But man.... it was worth it.

Im talking snow-capped mountains in the distance, deep blue waters, and crisp cold air. I had never seen or felt anything like it. The biggest landscape I've probably seen is the cityscape where instead of a range of mountains, there's a collection of skyscrapers and instead of large and still blue waters, there's stalled cars in traffic. I wondered what it must have been like to grow up (like my friend) with nature at your backdoor and to have a constant reminder that's there's more to life than doing. That just being is enough.

I began to see nature is a real and dynamic mirror; a reflection of us as human beings and honestly more like us than we think.

Upon my departure from Stavanger, I came across this quote:

"How cool it is that the same God that created mountains and oceans and galaxies looked at you and thought the world needed one of you too."

I immediately flashed back to grandness of the mountains, waters and overall naturescape I discovered in Stavanger. The curves of the mountains, the flow of the waters, and the majestic ness of all of it put together. They were created to be just as they are, nothing more and nothing less. They don't question their existence, their purpose or their beauty - they just are.

Travel Bloggers Photography Norway Stavanger
View from Dalsnuten

We, human beings, are the same you know: something that has been created. And the purpose of our creation is to be as we are in all that we do. Our lives are the process to find our reason for being and using such landscapes as a reflection of that simple fact. That our bodies may be a little curvy, our minds deep in thought, our souls full of passion and the intersection of it all majestic. All telling us that we are enough as we have been created.

We are creations like those mountains and waters. We are meant to be. Be revelled. Be celebrated. Be naturally us.

Thanks for reading and remember to: Always have faith, keep a vision and make art in everything that you do.


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