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September 24th marked one entire month that I have been in Europe. My Euro-versary!!!! (lol). The month has gone by soooo fast. It’s strange to think that 1/4 of my planned travels around the world has already passed, and I’ve seen and experienced so much — The results of the #NomadLife.

Within said #NomadLife, you are constantly being challenged and stretched. It can be mentally, emotionally and physically taxing, but the excitement of continuously finding a new city outweighs the rest. Ultimately, your mind and spirit are pushed for the betterment of yourself and each situation. I’m not just talking about adjusting one’s wardrobe due to weather. I mean adjusting vocabulary when talking with locals (football is soccer….right?), adjusting meal preferences, adjusting means of transportation and overall shifting one’s mindset to the culture and energy of a city.

Exhibit A: Brussels. I fell in love with the city as soon as my feet hit the pavement. It’s kinda hard to explain but instantly I felt this energy and strong sense of possibility. From the melting pot of cultures and people, the simplistic yet efficient public transportation, the medium pace living and atmosphere, and the presence of art everywhere, I instantly saw myself living there… for a while. I spent a lot of time strolling through the city taking in the language, festivals, outdoor music and art. In Brussels, the pace of life felt like I was walking yet running at the same time (so I guess jogging, lol).

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Now take Exhibit B: London. Architecturally D.C, but energetically New York. The Tube is the popular and ever so crowded means of transportation. People are everywhere and always trying to get somewhere. There’s this energy of constant productivity, getting from A to B to C to D , and everyone is just tryna make it. You are either running all day or running all day. It’s truly non-stop.

Now don’t get me wrong, I don’t dislike London. It’s just a different city with a different lifestyle. Every new place provides its’ own energy, struggles/conveniences, and foot to your wallet, but as a nomad you always make it work. You maintain your own identity while embracing another’s, creating a constant cycle of embracing and letting go.

After a day in any city, you feel more comfortable. There’s something about knowing what’s around the corner from your temporary home. The more you explore, the more comfortable you feel, and just when you feel settled, you’re already moving again. It’s exciting yet saddening at the same time — to let go of a city you started to embrace. But you have to let it go and press the reset button, as you embrace a new country, city, town, cuisine, and energy. In each city I have already gotten rid of some clothes and acquired new ones. The constant shedding of the old and bringing in the new, keeps my mind, heart and spirit open to what is up ahead. The exciting. The challenging. The #NomadLife.

Thanks again for reading!

And remember to: Always have Faith. Keep a Vision. And Make Art in Everything you Do.


2 Corinthians 12:9

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