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Vision, Art & Faith meet Quarantine

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The world seemed to have stopped almost three months ago. In an instant, we all found ourselves confined to four walls and confronted with an external threat to our lives and the lives of our family and friends. Little did we know, an internal threat would also arise when we are met with our own thoughts, emotions and restlessness while living day to day in quarantine. Even though we experienced physical separation from others, we were presented with a moment - what I like to call an opportunity- to become better acquainted with our sense of self. Who are we? What are we used to doing or being?What's been working? What could be changed? At first its easy to get distracted and turn away from these questions but after a week or so all these questions become difficult to run away from when you're done reading, instagramming, having zoom calls, etc. There's a moment of surrender, to look discomfort and uncertainty in the eye and ask:

Why am I feeling like this?

Its easy to blame the things around us for how we're feeling but in actuality it comes from inside of us and therefore can be evaluated from the root. Some people were really triggered by this forced hermit-ism bringing their discomfort with themselves to light while others like me actually.... liked quarantine life. I mean despite the horrible reason behind it, I began to live in this moment the best way I can, based on my current life circumstances - living alone, in a foreign land with books and the internet at my disposal. Step one was checking in with my family and friends to make sure everyone was okay (and thank god they are) then it moved to Step two: awareness. I became aware that this was my time to do whatever I wanted to do under no restrictions in time or even effort.

I was free in the midst of confinement.

This shift in perspective alone kept joy at my fingertips and happiness in my heart. For the umpteenth time I was given permission to make the best out of an odd situation, so I started looking at those things that I've always wanted to do or aspire to incorporate into my life.

Vision Art Faith Brussels Belgium Expat Blogger Lifestyle Quarantine Covid

After some weeks, I realized that I'd developed a custom-made morning routine that included but was not limited to: meditation, five minutes of nothing, journaling, reading, yoga, 1st meal of the day while watching my dutch show, dessert with my French show, and videochatting a friend or family member. The combination of these habits challenged yet relaxed my entire being for the betterment of my internal condition. Yes, there were days where I looked over at the space next to my bed and said "Maybe I won't do yoga today." But I soon realized that I needed to take away the emotions and judgement from the tasks and lean into the root joy and goodness they bring me.

"Yeah but what if I get bored with my routine?"

...you're probably thinking. Well overall framework of a routine is the same whether its the time you plan to do it, or the subject at hand but to truly keep routine's interesting is finding flow and spontaneity by repeating the same tasks in a new and creative way. So yes, I'd meditate, do yoga and read a book but I'd determine my approach to the task based on what feels right in that moment. So my yoga sessions weren't always really intense or I would read just a couple of pages in my book instead of a whole chapter and most importantly I wouldn't judge myself for doing less or even more. I'd.. just... be. I'd wake up and be thankful for the time I have in each task and honest in what I am able to give that day. Through not only establishing the "what" in quarantine, I seemed to have found a "how" that encompasses my perspective on myself and life situation even in quarantine. Honestly....

I seemed to have found myself again.

I kept joy and non-judgement at the foundation of everything I did, allowing time and space to live in the moment and then move on, not expecting anything in return. For example, for the first time since moving to Belgium I did a week long Improvisational Challenge were I danced freely to a different song everyday and posted a clip not to advertise my abilities, but to just share my love for movement. This among many other moments in quarantine showed me that time alone is truly what you make it. So when you can't go outside, why no go inside? There's just as much to discover if not more.

Thanks for reading,

And remember to always have faith, keep a vision and set boundaries in everything that you do.


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