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One particular Thursday I woke up feeling anxious and overwhelmed. My mind kept going in circles thinking about my future, my work, and my work in the future. These circles led to a headache which I NEVER get and every hour I felt the pain moving closer and closer to my sinuses. I started to feel more congested, then the coughing started then I was slowly but surely losing my voice until I could barely whisper. When people ask me what happened, I tell them I got stress-induced Laryngitis. As in, the build up of stress weakened my immune system which opened the door for the virus, and wrecked havoc on my cells.

That week I couldn't work or talk for about 5 days and per doctor's orders, I was to stay more or less quarantined in my apartment until I started to get my voice back. The virus had hit full force and it turns out I was contagious. What could have been a nightmarish week of blowing my nose, coughing and restless sleep ended up being the best week I have had in a really long time. Because without me realizing it, I got the best rest I have ever gotten in Brussels during that week.

Something clicked in me when the doctor proclaimed that I had to take it easy, and give the body what it needs: Rest. Me? I'm a go go go type of person and honestly nowadays all I know how to do is work. If I'm not teaching dance, I'm checking work related emails. If I'm not in a work related meeting, I'm updating my website. My focus and energy has been constantly aimed at improving my professional life, the one thing I think I can control and be fruitful in.

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My Ever-Growing Vision Wall

But my week of being quarantined was full of episodes of the Big Bang Theory, reading, doing yoga, cleaning/decorating my room, adding to my vision wall (see above), among other things that were not even remotely related to work. And you know what happened as a result of all that? I got a call from a talent agency, I booked a commercial and a team building session and more students purchased class passes for my weekly adult classes. You know what I did to manifest all this... nothing. I did absolutely nothing related to my work, but I did do everything that focused making sure Briana was healthy and rested.

For the longest, it seemed counter-intuitive to focus on the opposite thing to gain another but since my week of rest I've realized two very important things: 1. We can only do so much to manifest a particular goal and 2. It's your happiness and well-being that attracts those things that you are meant to have in your life. Sure I could update my website continuously and send a massive amount of emails daily but I gotta make moves and then rest. The rest allows for those seeds that are planted to grow. It does not benefit us if we keep tilling the soil over and over again. The seed must become firmly rooted and exposed to the right conditions to properly blossom. And as the planter we must take care of ourselves to make sure we can take care of the soil.

It all starts with us.

And my week of Laryngitis was an extreme reminder to balance my days with work and play like mindless Netflix with mindful reading. I mustn't leave the idea of rest as an afterthought but make it the first thought. How can I work efficiently today so I can leave time to workout, watch my show, see a friend, etc? I gotta focus on working to live and not living to work, even if it is my passion. So now I create daily goals of things I would like to accomplish and once those are done I move on to happier and more relaxing things.

I'm also blogging more as a expression of my thoughts and experiences. Laryngitis has a large impact on the vocal chords and mentally and emotionally, I believe it means I need to start saying what I want to say and not holding back. Those swirling thoughts that started all of this gotta get out of my head and into a safe and open space.

I’ve also decided to add rest days to my weekly schedule and take them more seriously. So, I'll be leaving one day out of every week where I wake up with no plans. I just allow myself to be myself, be spontaneous, live in the moment and allow ideas and plans to unfold before my eyes.

Thanks again for reading,

And Remember: Always have faith. Keep a Vision. And Make Art in Everything that you do.


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