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Updated: Oct 7, 2019

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"Hey are you American? Are you in Brussels on vacation?"

"Yeah I am and actually I live here. It's been about two years now."

Eyes widen in disbelief.

"REALLY?!? Why would you move from America to Belgium of all places?"

That one expat, "It's so tiny".

That one Belgian, "America is more interesting with more stuff to do".

That miscellaneous stranger, "Ah you must of moved here for love?"

Me, " Size doesn't matter (lol), interesting doesn't make it livable and as far as love, I think Belgium actually chose me."

*Confused look coupled with silence*

When I first moved, I had a number of ideas as to why I chose Belgium but a little more than two years later as I've lived here, explored and asked more questions, any particular reason has drifted further into the unknown. All I can really say, is that I know I'm here for a reason. Some days the reason is more evident than others and other days it completely escapes me. Daily, people continuously grill me to find a solid reason as to why I chose Brussels as my home, the place to create and develop a life.

Sometimes the questioning makes me feel like I shouldn't even be here, like my previous intuitive mind was wrong, but it's only in staring at the unknown future that these doubts start to creep in. Thinking back, my move to Brussels was just that in the first place: a step into the unknown. I'm not referring to the unknown as far as language, culture, and foreign grocery stores, but unknown parts of myself, a revealing of who I am and my potential. I've grown to understand that it's in stepping into unknown experiences and places that pieces of ourselves are revealed and realized because we must become something greater to fill that which was once unknown. So everyday, fearfully and hesitantly I take a small step to improve those unknown corners of myself that seek something more.

I've grown to see the unknown as a cycle of fear and possibility. We approach fear, face it and see the possibilities which uncovers another fear that we face and find the possibilities within that. This constant cycle allows us to find balance and reveal more about who we are and our potential. I've gotten swallowed by fear many times but somehow always chose to see the possibilities and remembered that I can do anything I choose and make a plan to achieve it.

I took the first dive into fear when I moved to Brussels with nothing but strong intuition and not one guaranteed work contract. Ever sense then, things and people have gone from unknown to known and back again in a matter of months along my Brussels journey, some to my joy and others to my dismay. I've learned to let go of any possibility that has reached its end and welcome the fear of other unknowns.

I don't know where every step will lead me but I just allow the intuitive steps to be taken, while breathing deeply and in hopes that I don't fall and if I do, try to see the fall as another purposeful and more dramatic step. Because of all the challenges or setbacks I've experienced, the universe has always provided exactly what I needed at the right time. Maybe it's not even about my presence in Belgium but the affect that Belgium has on me in my growth and perception of my career, future and self.

~A letter to the Unknown~


I know we don't know each other that well but I'd like us to be friends if that's alright. We don't need to sit, chat and break bread but I acknowledge you and everything you are capable of. I will do my best to see the good in you and use this good to make sure I'm ready for whatever challenges and blessings you sprinkle along my path. Be easy on me if you can and provide the strength and confidence to tell every stranger that doubts my choices that I am here for a greater and excitingly unknown purpose.

Thanks for reading,

And remember to always have faith, keep a vision and make art in everything that you do.


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