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Vision, Art & Faith: Reflections on Being 30

Updated: Jul 28, 2020

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Birthday love from my parents

This past June I turned the big 3-0 and in anticipation of my birthday I did a daily countdown highlighting all the people who have contributed to my journey. As I've gotten older, showing gratitude to the people around me has been so so important, so each day I posted a picture of me with a friend or family member with a description of their amazing qualities and positive impact on me.

Of all the things I did to celebrate, this countdown to my Bri-Day was the most meaningful. And with it, I've embraced this new chapter with an open mind and heart of the amazing things to come. I'm leaving certain things in my 20's and stepping into 30 with a renewed approach Here are the 8 important things I'm keeping with me:

Worry Less

Up until this point, I used to worry about everything under the sun. From questioning if I have enough time to do a certain task, to wondering how I'm gonna afford this or that. I've now decided to focus on trusting myself, and where I am in life by worrying less. I am abundant and I have everything I need every moment of every day. I trust myself to create a plan in the completion of tasks, I approach spending intuitively and with joy at its foundation and abundance is a given merely because I am. In addition, life is a journey with it's up and downs and will keep moving and changing no matter how pleasant or unpleasant I choose to perceive it. So if I have a choice of how to experience my journey, I will remain as worry-free as possible.

It doesn't have to be perfect.

For a while I stopped posting videos or even pictures of me on social media because I felt they wouldn't get enough likes, my dancing was just okay or this piece of hair was just a little too far to the left. I placed an expectation that anything I post must be perfect. But actually at the end of the day it doesn't matter if people like it or not. I have every right to post something because it make's me feel good.

Having embraced this, I now post photos and videos all the time that range in the number of given likes or views and even received messages from people that said that they enjoyed seeing them. Actually, these people didn't even react to the post, just viewed it and moved on. I found that just because there's no reaction to what I post doesn't mean it isn't appreciated or impactful. Often times the things we don't see have a larger affect on us and others .

Share with others

Briana Ashley Stuart Blogger Dancer Personal Development Brussels Belgium

I used to be a pretty quiet and slightly secretive person, so when people asked me what's going on in my world I'd give a very surface level answer. I'd under share actually, which lead to people not really understanding what I do or what I'm about. Now, I make a point to share what's going on with me as a way of connecting, inspiring and spreading my light to the world. We never know who we impact when we decide to be ourselves and show it others. This authenticity creates a mark and inspires others to share pieces of themselves.

Allow space

Creating space in our lives is like taking a deep breath in and upon the exhale you feel lighter and more rejuvenated. I allow space in my schedule to have a proper meal or me-time, so I don't feel so heavy and bogged down with work or doing things for others. I practice yoga daily to create space in my muscles and joints. I sit and do nothing to embrace the moment and allow new ideas to come in. I allow space in time between conversations with certain friends to allow time to miss them and have something new to share. I see space and allow it to pour into me so I can pour into others.

Practice gratitude.

No matter what situation I find myself in, I now find the silver lining to guide me to where I need to be. It's all about perspective. I realize that I used to take quite a negative approach to life situations and would then search for the good afterwards, but now I seek the light first. This approach maintains my state of gratitude and always reveals possibility over lack.

Keep Learning.
Briana Ashley Stuart Blogger Dancer Personal Development Brussels Belgium

Currently, I'm reading mad books and studying French and Dutch. I've stepped into a moment of just wanting to soak in knowledge which has affected my perception of the world, how I connect to people, what I talk about, and the many opportunities around me. Learning is a continuous journey from darkness into light, unknown into the known. This risk provides riches that one cannot even imagine and keeps me aware of myself and the world around me.

Choose your reality.

By embracing these new approaches to my life I've learned that every thing is malleable. It can be bent and shaped to fit how we would like to live our lives, not the other way around. If there is something I don't agree with, I have every right to go with it or make a different choice that suits me. I learn the rules and make them work for me and in doing this, I step into every year of my life creating and re-creating my own reality.

Age is only a number.
Briana Ashley Stuart Blogger Dancer Personal Development

As my brother so eloquently stated during our (according to him) much needed "30 talk", that this year is a time to start thinking about my legacy. What do I want to accomplish? What do I want to leave behind? What impact do I want to make? I realized that these questions roll out a series of long and short term goals that transcend age and focus on quality. The foundation and goals I set now will grow, shift and take form in ways that continue to leave a mark as each year passes. No age will stop me from learning, trying new things and enjoying the life I've been given.

Thanks for reading,

And Remember to Always have Faith, Keep a vision, and make art in everything that you do.


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